roof painting karori

Making sure your roof is watertight and protected against the elements is essential - poor quality paintwork or using the wrong type of paint can cause leakage and long term structural damage to your home, so make sure you choose a professional to get the work done.

As part of our free quote, we will inspect your roof and inform you of any areas that might need to repaired or replaced. You can rely on our feedback as we do not undertake roof repairs, so there's no conflict of interest (although we can refer companies we have previously worked with if you do need some work done before the painting can begin).

As with all of the work we do, we offer a worksmanship guarantee on all jobs, and always leave the work site safe and tidy at the end of every work day and at the end of each job. With our colour matching service, we are also able to repaint sections of your roof where needed, and make sure that the colour of the newly painted area matches your existing paintwork.

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